Our first Original Soundtrack


Our November release is a collaboration with Yorkshire actor John Anderson on the stunning Edwardian poem - 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes (1906). 

Johns magnificent speaking voice coupled with our creation of cross-genre themes and dark romantic atmosphere really captures the poem and brings it to life.


Narrated by John Anderson | Original Soundtrack by The Tenmours | Produced by The Tenmours

Mixed and mastered by Osian Gruffydd | Art / illustration by Mandy Beckwith

Cover photo edited by Laura Hil




'Elise can you hear me? There's something I wish to discuss'

Elise is one of our most emotional tracks, and a crowd favourite!

Written in Summer 2017 following the passing of Alex's grandmother; Elise is a song about the eternal magic of loving someone who has passed away, theconnection with those who have gone and how their memories and influence still stays with us. 


The song is framed as a conversation between Alex and Elise, asking her if she is ok and for advice. 



Lady of Gold - 07/04/20

The second single from MAZE, Lady of Gold 

Sitting half way through the EP is “Lady of Gold.” A softer song to the rest of the tracks until we reach the half way point, leading us back to their Folk Fusion roots. The first half of the song is somewhat heavenly, making us feel like we’re soaring through the sky. There hasn’t been a bad song on this EP so far and I don’t think there will be one either. The band are able to put all their personal experiences and beliefs into their own compositions, if that’s not talent, god knows what it is. - Chloe Mogg 


The stand out track, Lady of Gold, is a powerful and mysterious ballad which hints at influences from Nick Drake.

- Steven Heath Best Solo Act 2019 Wedding Industry Awards

MAZE - 17/07/19

We all sometimes get lost in our own heads.

Don't forget about those around you

The lead single from the MAZE EP is the title track MAZE. A song which much like its title is a winding and complex piece that explores many different concepts such as loss, loneliness and friendship. 

This song is dedicated to friend and fellow musician Jonny Walker who sadly passed away in March 2018.


“MAZE” is a veritable tour-de-force! The Tenmours have delivered once again with another deluxe listening experience." - Shelagh McDonald