About Us


“Take a dive into rampant folk ‘n’ roll! Adam Hopkins, Osian Gruffydd and Alex Johnston-Seymour are the pioneers of the New Folk Fusion genre. The Tenmours inter-tweed Folk, Rock and World Music to bring you an interestingly diverse and jaw dropping performance. When you see them perform, the stage explodes with energy, charisma, and talent. Your experience will not be forgotten.”

- Elle Hartley Smith


The Tenmours were formed in December 2013 by Alex Johnston-Seymour and Ross Tennant.

The unique blend of Ross’ folk fiddle and Alex’s Zeppelin-esque vocals paired with their strong talent for songwriting meant it was not long before The Tenmours began to make a name for themselves performing at various northern concerts and festivals culminating in several BBC radio appearances in 2015.


It was following this that the Tenmours were approached to record their first EP 'A Poet's Heart' at the Cava Studios in Glasgow. Recording finished in December 2015 and it was during the mixing and mastering process that a new sound began to develop. It was decided that a new member was needed to help continue the Tenmours down this exciting new direction.


The new member had to be the right fit, and after meeting and working with multi-instrumentalist Adam Hopkins for a short time in 2016, he was officially incorporated into the band. The new percussion parts helped give the Tenmours already energetic live performances even more of an edge, and the addition of a third member gave birth to the beginning of The Tenmours signature three-part harmony vocal sound.

The band’s first EP 'A Poet's Heart' was released in July 2016 and was well received, being featured on numerous radio stations across the UK.


The band, now working as a trio, embarked on a strong 2017 which included supporting Steeleye Span singer Maddie Prior, acoustic wizard Jon Gomm as well as folk myth Shelagh McDonald. They also embarked on their first UK tours, busking their way from Glasgow to Brighton, drawing the attention of music lovers all over the country. The Tenmours marked 2017 as their strongest year yet with a sell-out performance in Leeds working with Piranha Hair Studio, Accent Clothing and Gibson London to create an event that none present would forget in a hurry.


However, in early 2018 original fiddle player and founding member Ross Tennant decided that his future was away from The Tenmours and left the band. After a brief hiatus while Alex and Adam searched for another player, a solution was found in the shape of violinist, singer and close friend Olivia Duffin, whose honed vocal skills further strengthened the signature three-part harmony sound that was increasingly becoming a key feature of their music.


By mid-2018 it was becoming increasingly obvious that a new record was necessary. The new lineup had seen the bands sound become even stronger and the music they were writing was their most unique and interesting to date. This was when ‘Maze’ was born.


The band began planning ‘Maze’ in July 2018 and after a successful crowdfund began recording in early August. Sadly, it was Olivia's last involvement with the band as she left to pursue other interests.


The finished ‘Maze’ was released October 2018 and The Tenmours quickly embarked on a support tour to promote the release. During this period the band would continue to play with a number of different fiddle players.

The first single off 'Maze' was the title track which was officially released along side a short film/music video in early July. It featured many complex themes of isolation, suicide and mental health and was well received by their fan base and continues to be popular.

In early 2019, the band began playing with the Welsh wonder Osian Gruffydd who began gigging with the band from March. While working on material old and new, the band have enjoyed a busy 2019 and continue to grow from strength to strength.